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Help & Contact

M.Sc./PhD Help Desk

The help desk can offer advice to M.Sc. and PhD students concerning existing graduate programmes, training opportunities and good scientific practice.

Prof. John Baines

Person of trust

To facilitate communication and help solve internal conflicts, our person of trust can offer support to PhD students when they are faced with problems in the course of their work. The person of trust is independent and can help to mediate between the supervisor and the student in case of conflict. Our person of trust can also be contacted by postdocs and PIs if the need arises.

Prof. John Baines has been chosen as the person of trust for our young researchers.

In addition, the universities also have their own person of trust that can be contacted:

Kiel University:
University of Lübeck:

Young scientist representatives

The young scientist representatives help us to assess the needs of PhD students and postdocs in the Cluster so that we can develop additional support (such as the young scientist network). Currently, the representatives are:

Daniela Esser

Dr Christina Lange


An Ombudsperson can help scientists directly and independently. The person can give advice about good scientific practice and potential violations of it as well as on scientific misconduct. The Ombudsteam tries to help find a solution and mediate, especially concerning scientists who have made scientific misconduct public and who are at risk of being sanctioned by other institutions.

The Ombudsperson for each participating institution is listed here:

Kiel University:

University of Lübeck:

Leibniz Research Center Borstel:[0]=ombudsmann
If you are unsure about who to contact, Dr Kirsten Emmert, our coordinator for training, gender equality and research will be happy to help you.

Kirsten Emmert, PhD

Training, Gender Equality and Research Coordinator

Scientific Office, Cluster of Excellence “Inflammation at Interfaces“

Kiel University

Christian-Albrechts-Platz 4

24118 Kiel


(+49) (0)431 880 4839

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Dr. Kirsten Emmert

young scientists / gender-aspects and research coordination

Cluster Office
Kiel University (CAU)
Christian-Albrechts-Platz 4
24118 Kiel

Phone: +49 (0)431 880 4839
Fax: +49 (0)431 880 4894