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Advancing talented young scientists in the Cluster of Excellence is based on both existing as well as newly established educational programmes and training opportunities at the host institutions and their partners. Additional Cluster-specific services and support completes the portfolio. Moreover, the Cluster supports and promotes targeted individual training if possible (see the section on Cluster funding options).

Education within the Cluster

The education within the Cluster places particular emphasis on three aspects when training its students, young scientists and staff.

Advanced professional and personal career development (see the section on Further training opportunities and personal support)

Networking and internationalisation as a career factor

Supporting the scientific independence of young scientists

Career networking

In addition to various individual opportunities for further education available to young scientists, the Cluster also provides support by granting young scientists the opportunity to set up networks inside and outside of the Cluster and encourages them to seek direct contact to internationally renowned scientists. Cluster Lectures play a particularly important role in this regard. Young scientists can also apply for travel scholarships to attend international conferences.

Supporting the scientific independence of young scientists

The Cluster considers it very important to offer young, talented scientists in the Cluster opportunities to gain initial experiences as independent scientists, by allowing them to manage their own projects. As such, postdocs in the Cluster can apply for extra funding to conduct their own small projects (mini proposals).

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