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School children

As part of its work on public relations, the Cluster of Excellence places particular emphasis on outreach activities for school pupils, in order to inspire them to pursue a career in research. For this reason, the Cluster and its members support various services for school children.

The Kiel life:lab

The Kieler life:labor (Kiel life:lab) presents current biomedical research topics to school pupils. Among the topics that classes can choose from is the option to learn more about “epigenetic changes in inflammation” for pupils from higher grades. This topic has been developed in collaboration with the Cluster. Pupils are able to learn what happens during inflammation, looking at ulcerative colitis in particular.

Lübeck’s Open Laboratory "LOLA" at the Universität zu Lübeck (University of Lübeck)

Lübeck’s Open Laboratory "LOLA" offers school classes the opportunity to sample modern life sciences and chemistry in practical and understandable ways. Within the scope of a collaborative agreement, the Cluster of Excellence actively and financially supports LOLA, and is involved in establishing the course “Mechanisms of Inflammatory Processes”. 

LOLA summer school "Mikroben – Infektion – Entzündung"

The “FuSch” research and school programme by the Research Center Borstel

The Research Center Borstel offers courses in physiology, biochemistry and genetics in close cooperation with various schools in the region.

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