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From the laboratory directly to the patient

Unique challenges demand special measures: Rampant inflammation of the human body, a phenomenon of civilization, is just such an extraordinary task. In the Cluster of Excellence Inflammation Research differen excellent scientists and doctors to study and understand inflammatory reactions and develope new therapies.

However, the endeavor exceeds basic research as above all the focus is still on optimum patient care - with new forms of treatment and the development of innovative drugs.

It is a modern understanding of medicine: comprehensive and interdisciplinary. Preventive instead of reactive. Individually matched to an individual patient. This makes it a thing of the past for the same patient to be treated by a dermatologist for psoriasis only, a pulmonary consultant to alleviate only his or her asthma and a rheumatologist to care only for the inflamed joints of the selfsame patient. Ultimately all these inflammations - wherever they become apparent in the body - are based on similar or in many cases the same mechanisms.

For the patient's good health

Because of that the "Cluster of Excellence Inflammation Research" does not only concentrate the scientific competences of highly specialized molecular, structural or cell biologists but also experienced medical doctors from all disciplines were brought together in a single clinic: in the "Comprehensive Centre Inflammation Medicine (CCIM)" at the University Hospital of Schleswig-Holstein. As a large outpatient clinic spezialized on inflammatory diseases the CCIM realizes in a unique way for Germany the idea of a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and individualized patient care.

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