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Due to the rising number of chronic inflammation incidents in our modern society many scientists believe that the modern life style is one cause for the rise. This also includes changes in our diet. Nevertheless ingredients of certain food can suppress inflammation reactions.

Meanwhile it is becoming more and more evident that certain food components can have a positive influence on the health status and even can prevent certain diseases. They can regulate blood pressure or the blood sugar or cholesterol level and even anti-inflammatory effects have been shown.

Scientists of the Cluster study the anti-inflammatory properties of different food components among others polyphenoles and flavonoids. Both belong to the group of secondary plant metabolites. Studies have shown that flavonoids, a subgroup of the polyphenols, which can be found in red/dark fruits and vegetables, green tea and red wine, have anti-inflammatory effects. Other polyphenoles are suspected to prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system or certain cancer.

Individualized diet for risk patients

One aim is it to use individualized diet for diseases prevention for people with genetic peculiarities and therefore with an increased disease risk. The "personalized diet" should prevent in an early stage the outbreak of the disease.

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