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Award-Winning Cluster Research


Congratulations to Professor Sebastian Zeissig. Together with Professor Samuel Huber from Hamburg, the former cluster member was awarded with the Theodor Frerichs prize, which is endowed with €30,000, by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Innere Medizin e. V. (DGIM). Prior to taking a position at the Carl Gustav Carus University Hospital in Dresden, Zeissig was a junior professor for immunological aspects of intestinal barrier diseases at Kiel University. The award-winning work regarding the development of colon cancer with chronic inflammatory bowel disease came about within the “Inflammation at Interfaces” Cluster of Excellence. Zeissig was able to show that intestinal bacteria are potential triggers of this type of cancer and via which mechanisms they function. “The work, which appeared in the journal Nature Medicine, gives rise to numerous new and important questions,” explains the general secretary of the DGIM, Professor Ulrich Fölsch from Kiel. “Thus it may be that the development of tumors in chronic inflammatory diseases can be prevented by influencing the intestinal bacteria.”



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