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Doctor from Kiel Receives Highly Endowed Scientific Fellowship


The DGIM awarded the Kiel-based physician Dr. Konrad Aden, Faculty of Medicine at Kiel University, member of the “Inflammation at Interfaces” Cluster of Excellence, and University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel campus, with a Clinician Scientist Program fellowship. The scientific fellowship, endowed with €100,000, enables him to reduce his clinical activity by half for a total of two years in order to dedicate himself to his research project in the area of chronic inflammatory intestinal diseases. In a two-stage process, the young specialist in internal medicine was able to win out against approximately 20 competing candidates throughout the country. He is receiving one of a total of three fellowships from the DGIM.

In his research project, Dr. Aden deals with the influence of DNA damage on the development of chronic inflammatory intestinal diseases such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. To do so, he uses model systems and cultures of human intestinal cells to examine what effect a specific gene (Atg16L1), which has been identified as a genetic risk variant for Crohn’s disease, has on the repair mechanisms of the cells that have damaged DNA. “DNA damage leads to a variety of immunologic reactions whose importance we have underestimated to date in the pathogenesis and development of chronic inflammatory intestinal diseases,” explains Dr. Aden. “Through the funded project, I hope to gain a deeper understanding in the field of mucosal immunology.”


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