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CL VIII Nucleotide Laboratory


Access to large-scale DNA/RNA analysis has been crucial in the 1st FP for the genetic and functional genomics agendas of the Cluster. Thus, in the 2nd FP a Nucleotide Laboratory will be formally established which further shifts towards sequencing-based approaches that have become feasible through the development of massively parallel sequencing technologies. The infrastructure is built as a think tank for innovative protocol development, but also guarantees optimization and standardization, including a tight connection with the data management procedures. Project management tools will be integrated to transform the laboratory into a cross-site institution.

Contribution to the Scientific Discourse

The fast access to large-scale sequence information from human or relevant model organism genomes and other complex sequence spaces (e.g. transcriptomes, methylomes, miRNomes) will be the major contribution of this CL. It will deliver: (1) collaborative access to large-scale genotyping and sequencing, (2) implementation of QM and SOP-guided sample processing in a transparent fashion, (3) novel applications and protocols (e.g. current in-house protocols for single cell RNA Seq, run-on Seq, riboIP-Seq) and (4) establishment of single molecule sequencing.


Figure: Working Agenda and planned structure of CL VIII

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