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The CCIM has been set up as an innovative infrastructure for interdisciplinary therapies and clinical research in inflammatory diseases. In the next phase of the Cluster we will extend the CCIM structure by expanding phenotyping into a highly standardized interdisciplinary platform. Individual in-depth patient follow-up after biological interventions will be supported. The CCIM will support recruitment of patients for its own and collaborative Phase I, II and III trials with focus on translational questions (biomarkers, disease subgroups, alternative endpoints). In addition ALL patients, who will attend inflammation clinics, will be included in a framework for standardized long-term follow up (disease outcome including metabolic co-morbidities). The CCIM supplies patient cohorts to other RAs but provides, at the same time, the framework to develop its own novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. The CCIM will provide supporting measures for academic development of clinician researchers.

Contribution to the Scientific Discourse

The CCIMs represent a unique framework for conducting innovative clinical research in inflammatory diseases. The CL provides: (1) clinical support of cohort studies for all patient-driven scientific activities in the Cluster, (2) new concepts and algorithm development for diagnostic and therapeutic trials, (3) Support and expertise in focused biomarker development (4) extended phenotyping that – together with biomarkers or other molecular read outs- allows development of novel definition of diseases, and (5) an education and career development platform for young clinician researchers in inflammation medicine.

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