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Research Areas

In accordance with the profound structural reorganisation of the academic field of inflammation research and to complement the already excisting excellence activities at the participating locations, the "Excellence Cluster" is divided into eight areas of research, called simply - the "Research Areas". Five of the Research Areas are defined as knowledge platforms. Within and between the Research Areas the different research groups cooperate in a interdisciplibary way and across location and institutional boundaries.

Research Areas A - E are the basic platforms. Here, scientists explore the genetic etiology (A), molecular structures (B) and physiological mechanisms (C) of the chronic inflammation phenomenon. In Model Systems (D), the inflammation researchers simulate inflammatory events and innovative forms of therapy. In Research Area E, the medical specialists focus on translating the research into therapies for patients.

The research areas F, G and H - the "Integrative Research Network" - build on the basic platforms, using all the findings and the entire infrastructure for major fields of cluster research and scientific projects (RA F Cytokine Signaling, RA-G Nod-like receptors and RA H Autoimmunity to Collagen VII). In addition, exceptional, distinguished young scientists work in smaller projects, in the so-called "Junior Research Groups" in collaboration with experienced senior scientists on areas interconnected to the central "Research Areas" A - E.


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