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Research Area E: Patient Centered Clinical Research and Molecular Epidemiology

Leader of the RA: Wolfgang Gross (rheumatology), Stefan Schreiber (gastroenterology)

Research Area E delivers patient-oriented molecular and clinical research in well-characterized cohorts of in­flammatory barrier and systemic diseases (e.g. Crohn disease, Wegener granulomatosis, autoimmune bul­lous dermatoses, Churg-Strauss Syndrome, atopic dermatitis, parodontitis, psoriasis, sarcoidosis, coronary atherosclerosis). The Research Area has documented its scientific excellence and the available large clinical cohorts through high ranking publications that include important international therapeutic trials of new biologi­cals. The aim is to extend and integrate this approach across the abovementioned inflammatory diseases through investigating new molecular targets for therapy and diagnostic biomarkers that will be established in Research Areas A-D. A novel, interdisciplinary re-organization of academic research- and healthcare struc­tures is a prerequisite for this process. In collaboration with the popgen biobank, well-characterized patient phenotypes and biosamples from longitudinal (including incidence) cohorts are provided to cluster scientists. The CCIM is a central interdisciplinary infrastructure to translate research findings into an integrated diagnos­tic and therapeutic approach to chronic inflammatory disease. The Research Area incorporates a new chair dedicated to “molecular prevention” to develop molecularly defined, nutrition-based prevention strategies for individuals carrying risk genotypes into an interdisciplinary therapeutic setting.

Scientists (young/new scientists underlined)

Enno Schmidt, Johann Oltmann Schröder, Rainer Adelung, Alexander Arlt, Elena Csernok, Frank Döring, Stefan Ehlers, Ulrich Fölsch, Regina Fölster-Holst, Martin Gramatzki, Fritz  Hohagen, Julia  Holle, Ulrich Kunzendorf, Michael Krawczak, Peter Lamprecht,Ulrich Mrowietz, Manfred James Müller, Susanna Nikolaus, Hans-Heinrich Raspe, Norbert Reiling, Gerald Rimbach, Heribert Schunkert, Thomas Schwarz, Georg Sczakiel, Thomas Valerius, Norbert Weiler, Jörg Wiltfang, Siegfried Wolffram, Peter Zabel, Detlef Zillikens


The Comprehensive Center for Inflammation Medicine (CCIM) institutionalizes a novel interdisciplinary approach to chronic inflammatory barrier diseases. Specialists from different medical disciplines (dermatology, gastroenterology, hepatology, immunology, pneumonology, rheumatology) interact to define new diagnostic and therapeutic principles with general applicability to inflammatory disorders. They strive to establish a joint medical facility for advanced diagnosis and therapy of inflammatory disorders. Clinicians closely interact with the popgen biobank and a novel chair for (molecular and interventional) epidemiology.

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