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Research Area F: IRN Cytokine Signaling via gp130

Leader of the RA: Stefan Rose-John (cytokine biochemistry)

Chronic inflammatory diseases are driven by dysregulated cytokine networks. The interruption of se­lected cytokine responses results in disease remission. The gp130 cytokines are centrally involved in chronic inflammatory diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis and peritoni­tis, and in colon cancer. Trans-signaling, which is the activation of membrane-bound gp130 through a soluble IL-6/IL-6 receptor complex, can be specifically inhibited without affecting classic IL-6 signaling, which is needed for the innate immune response. Five independent young scientists and group leaders will analyze the pathophysiologic role of gp130 cytokines in model systems and in patients with inflam­matory diseases and cancer, using the interdisciplinary scientific Research Areas A-E. The integrative research network aims to gain structural insights into the molecular mechanisms by which cytokines stimulate target cells, leading to new generations of inhibitors of trans-signaling to be evaluated in proof­-of-concept clinical studies.

Scientists (young/new scientists underlined)

Joachim Grötzinger, Günther Deuschl, Stefan Ehlers, Abdou Elsharawy, Hanna Erdmann, Henning Fedders, Norbert Frey, Rolf Hilgenfeld, Christoph Hölscher, Johannes Imhoff, Michael Krawczak, Matthias Leippe, Inken Lorenzen, Georg Lutter, Karina Reiß, Thomas Roeder, Heiner Schäfer, Stefan Schreiber, Dirk Seegert, Werner Solbach, Georg Wätzig, Vicki Wätzig, Ulrich Zähringer


A 600MHz NMR-spectrometer at the University of Kiel and a 600MHz NMR-spectrometer at the FzB for structural analysis of proteins. Multiple mass spectrometers (e.g- MALDI TOF/TOF Proteomics Analyzer 4700, AppliedBiosystems) have been installed at the University of Kiel in recent years. A Circular Dichroism Spectrometer is in use at the Biochemistry Department of the University of Kiel. Animal facilities at the University of Kiel and at the UKSH. An Infection animal facility of the safety level 3 is installed at the FzB.

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