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Research Area I – The Junior Research Groups (JRG)

Reasearch Area I develops a series of thematically defined Junior Research Groups (JRG) that are led by newly appointed young professors either on the W1 or W2 levels. The JRG represent thematic areas that have reached central importance for the clus­ter but do not yet have the width to give rise to a full network as described in Research Areas F-H. By appointing young professors, the cluster wants to nurture an exceptional scientific development that gives rise to new themes which are poised to generate a large collaboratorship throughout the cluster and which are embedded in the five Research Areas A-E.

  • Epithelial Barrier Functions (Leader: Andre Franke)
  • Innate Immunity (Leader: Guntram Grassl)
  • Genetic Susceptibility of Granulomatous Diseases (Leader: formerly Sylvia Hoffman)
  • Neuroinflammation (Leader: Gregor Kuhlenbäumer)
  • Epithelial Protease Inhibitors (Leader: Karina Reiß)
  • Microbe Host Interactions (Leader: Jan Rupp)
  • Inflammation Associated Carcinogenesis (Leader: Susanne Sebens)
  • Structural Biology of Autoimmunity (Leader: Karsten Seeger)
  • Molecular Nutrition (Leader: Anika Wagner)


Norbert Arnold, Jan Born, Monika Brüggemann, Renate Burger, Günther Deuschl, Frank Döring, Stefan Ehlers, Andre Franke, Karoline Gaede, Frank Gieseler, Martin Gramatzki, Joachim Grötzinger, Jochen Hampe, Jürgen Harder, Janka Held-Feindt, Thomas Herdegen, Rolf Hilgenfeld, Rolf Horstmann, Dieter Kabelitz, Holger Kalthoff, Wolfram Klapper, Michael Kneba, Tanja    Kühbacher, Gregor Kuhlenbäumer, Peter Lamprecht, Ralph Lucius, Uwe Mamat, Manfred James  Müller, Almut Nebel, Achim Peters, Thomas Peters, Norbert Reiling, Karina Reiß, Stefan Rose-John, Philip Rosenstiel, Jan Rupp, Heiner Schäfer, Stefan Schreiber, Jürgen Schrezenmeir, Jens-Michael Schröder, Manfred Schürmann, Stefan Schütze, Thomas Schwarz, Susanne Sebens, Kensuke Shima, Reiner Siebert, Werner Solbach, Andreas Till, Thomas Valerius, Anika Wagner, Vicki Wätzig, Siegfried Wolffram, Barbara Wollenberg

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