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Important available Technologies

Through support of the german funding agencies, the host institutions and the government of Schleswig-Holstein the scientists of the Cluster have access to a large number of modern technologies, laboratories and instruments.

This list shows some of the most important technologies available to the cluster scientists.

Sequencing Platform

  • 2× SOLiD v4 (Life Technologies)
  • 3× Hiseq 2000 (Illumina) 
  • 1× 454 GS-FLX + (Roche) (ZMB, IKMB)
  • 1× 454 GS-FLX (Roche) (MPI Plön)
  • 4 x ABI 3730 96-capillary sequencer (ZMB)

Genotyping Platform

  • 2 x ABI 7900 für TaqMan
  • 1x Illumina iScan
  • Sequenom MassARRAY (planned)
  • 4 TECAN Pipettierroboter

Functional Genomics Platform

  • 1 x ABI 7900 HT Fast with Autoloader & TaqMan Low Density Setup
  • 1 x Hight throughput Affymetrix GeneChip Unit with 2 Hybstations, Scanner, GCOS Server System

Proteom/Structure analysis Platform

  • Orbitrap Velos electrospray mass spectrometer with electron transfer dissociation
  • AB Sciex 5800 MALDI TOF/TOF mass spectrometer
  • Nano liquid chromatography for LC-ESI MS and LC-MALDI MS
  • Agilent-Quarternärer HPLC with flourescent detector
  • Äkta-Purifier-FPLC
  • Applied Biosystems 4700 MALDI TOF/TOF
  • Bruker Daltonics Nano-LCX-Coupled ESI-Ion Trap mass spectrometer
  • Mosquito-Nanodrop crystallisation robot
  • x-ray diffractometer
  • 2 x 600 MHz NMR-Instruments
  • Access to the the X-ray radiation source of the synchotron Desy (Petra III,VUV-FEL "Flash" and X-FEL)

Imaging Platform

  • Berthold NightOwl (fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging)
  • Mauna Kea Cellvisio ( fiberoptic fluorescence imaging)
  • VisualSonics Vevo 700 ( small-animal ultrasound scanner)
  • VisenMedical FMT2500 (flourescence molecular tomograph)
  • Lavision TriM Scope (multi-photon microscope)
  • Scanco vivaCT (Small animal computed tomography)
  • Novotec MicroScope (micro-CT device).
  • Bruker ClinScan 7 Tesla (Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)System)
  • Tecnas G2 F30 S-Twin (Electron microscope)
  • Atomic force microscope
  • more TM microscope
  • mehrere convocale laser scanning microscopes

Cell analysis

  • 2x FACSAria (flourescent associated cell sorting FACS)
  • MoFlo cell sorting (cell sorting)
  • 2x microdissection systems
  • AutoMACS (cell analyser)
  • automated siRNA- platform with genome wide siRNA libraries

Others Platform

  • BSL II und BSL III laboratories equipped for the work on  mice and cell cultures

Computer Resources

The scientists of the Cluster have access to high performance computer capcities through both host universities and the high performance computer network north (HNLR). For the second period of the Cluster a further extension is planned.

HNLR Supercomputing Service

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